Ralph van Boeschoten

Videoconcept Developer and Self-Directing Camera Operator
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From Concept to end result

I was allowed to create the new visitor video for De Paardenkamp. It became a heartwarming video where I could delightfully watch the old horse faces but also learn something about the history and approach of this retirement home. The dedicated staff and volunteers took the lead in this award-winning film!

Telling a story

Art is meant to be seen. Capturing artworks is therefore very important, especially with temporary installations. Just like this Utrecht piece. By capturing the story surrounding the installation, changing locations, and interviewing multiple people involved, a dynamic video is created, even though the artwork itself covers only a few square meters.

Step into a different life

On a journey to give South African streetkids access to skateboarding, the Get Your Shit Together crew uncovers the extreme circumstances that these kids grow up in. Find out how passionate skateboarders are fighting to reverse the effects that poverty and gangsterism have on this new generation.

Nature and Tech

For the GARDENING exhibition, Raumklang focuses on ‘interspecies’ sound dialogues in nature, exploring spatial sounds created by insects in trees, nocturnal bats, and many other location-specific sounds from the Amelisweerd estate. This auditory navigation enhances awareness of our relationships with the natural acoustic environment and the significance of certain sounds that usually remain subconscious.

Events with a message

Capturing the atmosphere of an event is something I have become very skilled at over the years. As an illustration, consider this example from ICLC commissioned by Tanja Busking. The atmosphere at the event was focused and calm, but the passion for the subject matter was immense. By using a lot of variety in the video, it has become very dynamic, igniting the viewer’s enthusiasm.

Creating awareness

For Viva Concept, I returned to Belgium multiple times to cover the meandering of the Kleine Gete in this informative and inspiring production. This collaboration, including with the Flemish Environmental Agency, resulted in a valley that serves as a model for water management, drainage, and biodiversity.

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